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This is the second-ever Q&I, Questions, and Insights. There’s no one else here and I’m answering your most popular questions. This is a new format that I will be releasing in-between the interview episodes which come out every two weeks. 

These are the questions for this week’s episode:

  1. What do you think of the usage of analytics in sports like basketball and baseball?
  2. How do you deal with data discrepancies?
  3. At what company stage or size would you recommend hiring a dedicated data analyst?
  4. What do you think will happen to mobile attribution since Apple is making the IDFA opt-in?
  5. How do you build great dashboards or reports?
  6. What are your recommendations for upgrading data tools that people aren’t using?
  7. How do you know that a team is data-driven and what signs should I look for within my team?
  8. Our team keeps making the wrong decision but we seem to have the right data. What are we doing wrong?
  9. Our software tools are reporting different numbers for campaign performance. For example, Facebook is reporting 1000 conversions but our analytics tool is reporting 850 conversions. How could we solve this?
  10. Do you think data will be less appreciated since people seem to rely less on facts?

If you have your own questions, submit them at [email protected] and I’ll do my best to answer them in future episodes.

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